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If you search “WEB Hosting” in Google, you will find the website ranked 1 by Google is not Godaddy or bluehost or other web hosting company, it is Web Hosting Geeks, which is a web hosting directory helping you review top 10 web hosting providers.

Web Hosting Geeks created in 2004 and you can submit your web hosting review to here, we can make right conclusion base on tons reviews.

It is because of large user experience, Geeks’ Web Hosting Awards is a important reference while you select web hosting, in which you can find best blog web hosting or forum hosting.

In addition, you can also find many useful and related resources at their’s web hosting articles, including techniques and guidelines the , such as “How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service”, “How to Make Money with Web Hosting” etc.

You can share your review on Web Hosting Geeks if find good hosting. it will help other people select good service likely previous you.

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