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For mostly people, SEO is a hard work including manual operate. There are so many guys work hard daily for the higher rank in Google, if you review your daily SEO working plan, you would know why I said that.

At first you must update unique content daily, each one said Google and other search engineer like it, so how to let your content different is a hard work.

Content is not everything, Google said more external link to your blog or website means more trust. It is another rank element that all search engineer doing. So how to look for more useful external link is indispensable in your daily SEO working plan too.

It’s easy that exchanging link with friends and other guys in forum, but there are so many outgoing links in their website and who can sure the enough rank points?

Maybe it is good way to submit your website or blog to various directories and gain one way and valuable links, but where are they? Some of them are not free, the following question is that do it worth for paid fee.

And so on, mostly of your time were putting to so hard manual work. No time to build more niche blog and no time try new marketing method. Other people believe in that making money online are funny jobs, but you know what’s mean.

Who could help you and give your time to learn more marketing news or read other affiliate master blog.

So it is time for Submit Edge, which is an ethical search engine optimization firm offering.

What does Submit Edge doing for you?

  • Search engine optimization
  • Link Building Service
  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Blog review
  • SEO web design and other service.

Let’s evaluate the service of Submit Edge first. How long you need to submit your website or blog to 100 directories? Five hours or one day? And how much do you earn online? While you select the 100 Directory Submission Service Package on Submit Edge and just pay for $15, all jobs would complete in professional way.

It just is the one and there are more packages you could choose on Submit Edge, I had listed above.

The most valuable service I thought is DMOZ Listing on Submit Edge.

After paid $49, Submit Edge would research categories for your website, creating titles and description and complete submission in 7 days. You know the value coming from DMOZ, Is it cool and efficient?

Log on Submit Edge and you would enjoy professional SEO service now.

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